About Arielle

Hello and welcome!

My name is Arielle Mandelberg and I'm originally from the east coast, but have been living in the lovely city of San Francisco since 2009. I'm passionate about living a healthy lifestyle filled with organic, (mostly) plant-based foods.

Health is about balance for me. That means treating my body well by filling it with clean, whole foods and sweating at least once a day (pilates, barre, yoga, and hiking are my favorites!). But it also means enjoying local + seasonal restaurants, indulging in a good red wine, traveling, and spending time with those I love!

I currently work as a Social Media & Community Outreach Manager and blog contributor for a California-based juice company. I'm also a commercial, film, and theater actress in the Bay Area, with a BFA in Acting!

Enjoy and be well!

xx Ari



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